Hi, I’m Aaron Kupferberg.

I’m a seasoned creative professional and branding advocate with expertise in UX design, advertising, and marketing. I have worn many hats as a front-end programmer, print and web designer, illustrator, writer, e-mail marketer, creative content specialist and conceptual thinker.

In each of these capacities, I have managed multi-disciplinary projects and navigated complex challenges. But experience has also taught me that great work is the result of collaboration and mindful feedback. I work fast and well with all Adobe CC programs, and have advanced skills in photo and video editing. WordPress is another area of expertise, and I know enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous.

When I’m not in the office…

Aaron Kupferberg is a blogger and writer for the site PowerPopaholic.com

As a huge music geek, he’s reviewed over 2,000 albums, interviewed over 100 musicians (famous and not-so-famous) and for the past six years he’s organized and promoted his own music festival, Power Popaholic Fest in Brooklyn, NY.

The site has been going strong since 2006, and reviews have appeared in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Christian Science Monitor, Blogcritics.org and 50thirdand3rd.com

As an advocate for the musical genre of “power pop,” he has seen fit to design and code another site to honor those artists The Power Pop Hall of Fame, bringing together like-minded authors to write about their musical heroes.